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Foundations / Additions

Welcome to Total Home Beautifier

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When there’s no more space to have another room, consider having an Addition. As a family owned and operated business with 30 years of industry experience building the foundation for any additions you may want on your house, you are assured of the structural integrity of your house.


At Total Home Beautifier, we set the foundations and create additions that you wanted, designing and constructing it to looks like an original part of your house’s structure.


House extensions, a new room for recreation, terrace, any direction, any shapes and sizes, anything you want, we got you covered.

Additional Preparation in Clearing Path for Foundation

Having an addition to your house needs site preparation. Worrying about your garden, plants, grass, vegetation, or just plain unnecessary spaces – we’ll help you from scratch. Depending on the type of construction, our team of experts can guarantee that you will never worry.


Call Total Home Beautifier at 732-347-5463 for a free estimate or site visitation.

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